2 Day Speak Masterclass

Public Speaking & Presentation Two Day Workshop

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Unleash Your Full Expression!

With Tula Tzoras
Public Speaking is one of our Top Fears! In fact 80% of us dread  it and 10% of us are absolutely terrified! Yet we must be able to Speak about Anything we are doing, whether it's our Vision, Business, or we have to present at work, in Interviews, before friends, at weddings, the list is endless. That is why this Two Day Workshop has been created. To Empower you to Unleash Your Full Authentic Expression and Deliver Your Ideal Presentation.
It is a Fun, Jam Packed Experience you will Treasure!
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"Being a photographer I had to perfect my public speaking. Tula’s ability to take leanings, explain them in a way that is practical helped me to eliminate my fear. I highly recommend Tula as a Speaker and your coach."
 Linda Papagna
DAY ONE 9.30am-6pm
  • Introductions
  •  Techniques to address “Stage Fright”
  • Release your Blocks
  • Self- understanding and Growth
  • Boost Confidence
  • Effective Vocal Usage for Presentations
  • Dynamic Body Language
  • Speech Construction
  • Unleashing Full Expression
  • Your Unique Power Stance
DAY TWO 9.30am-6pm
  • Connection with your Audience
  • Connection with your Space
  • Listening Techniques
  • Thinking on Your Feet
  • Personal Presentation Style
  • Harnessing your Energy and Enthusiasm
  • Delivering Your Speech
  • Feedback
  • Video of Your Speech
    Inclusive of:
    Training Manual
    Specific Outcomes:
    Powerful Public Speaking
    Presentation Skills 
    Video of your Speech
    I have had the pleasure to attend several of Tula’s workshops. I have always felt engaged and informed, she is professional and delivers with warmth passion and enthusiasm. Her content is sound and she is well versed in her topics. I find I’m uplifted and she is relating to me personally. Tula demonstrates presence she is articulate generates great energy and is entertaining. Serious when required however can communicate with a sense of fun and humour. Highly recommended.
    Michelle James

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