Areti Goddess Events Program Monthly Membership

Areti Goddess Events Pty Ltd

Change your Mind, Change your Life!

Begin with a Complimentary One on One Consultation and leave with a Clear Action Plan (when you join us). Start Your Amazing Journey from struggle to grace. You will Boost your Confidence and gain all the Tools you need to Be Your Own Boss and the Leader you Deserve to Be. Experience daily Action Plans, Full Support and Measurable Results!

When you Join Us on a Monthly Membership, you Join a Collaborative, Empowering Group with a Commitment and Dedication to Growth and Full Potential. It is rare for any of us to have every Area of Life Empowered. That's why we must come together NOW. Build bonds with amazing, collaborative,  likeminded women to last a Lifetime!

Experience the Areti Goddess Events Program and as a Monthly Member ! Location is no Barrier!

 Enjoy the Benefits of the Areti Goddess Events Program and all the Extra Perks. Opt in and Out at your discretion, though of course patterns take at least 21 days to create and this work requires practice over time...

An Online mentoring and Offline Events program, with  Individual Action Plans, Daily Practice to clear negative beliefs and patterns and replace them with Your Life of Ease and Grace, akin to a Work of Art. Experience tangible Outcomes. Become Empowered and Independent as the Leader and Entrepreneur you Are.

The Events/ workshops cover Self-Worth and Image, Relationship, Super Health, Purpose & Passion, Business Tools and Accelerators, Wealth Creation, Public Speaking and Presentation, Pitching to Camera, Marketing, Branding, Photography, the FULL PACKAGE! If you are not able to make Events, you will have access to video footage, along with a host of other resources. Access Events, Videos and other Resources and bring Your Guests free.

Check in with your fellow Goddesses Weekly at your Online Mentoring session! The Online component focuses on boosting Confidence and Self Love, self-worth our unavoidable underlying issue, employing a combination of practices, The Events focus more on Professional Transformation and Freedom. Of course we cannot forget to Add FUN!

Become Fully equipped to access your Authentic Power, with the Confidence and Independence to be Your Own Boss in every way and Create your Ideal Future! Time to become the Leaders we deserve to Be...

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 Lets change these statistics; half of our middle aged women ageing in poverty, or suffer as 1 in 4 of us do in Intimate Relationship, health issues with over half of us overweight. Now is the Time!
 It takes 21 Days to Make or Break a Pattern… let alone a lifetime of conditioning...

We don’t know what we don’t know and if we keep doing the same things expecting different results, things will never change. Just as we are conditioned one way, we can be conditioned another.

Change your Mind, Change your Life!




  • Your Goddess Notebook with Elements to Practice and a full list of Resources
  • Breakthrough techniques for Accelerated Results
  • Access to our closed Areti Goddess Events Facebook Group (created especially for members)
  • Regular Updates and Tips by email (specific to Members)
  • Weekly Action Plans
  • Resources
  • Weekly half hour online mentoring
  • Networking with women empowering women
  • VIP SEATING with Access to the Experts
  • Member Discounts to Events with your Guests Free
  • Access to Video Footage for Events you Miss
  • Refreshments
  • Empowering, Entertaining Events in a beautiful atmosphere of wellbeing including Self-Worth and Image, Relationship, Super Health, Access your Purpose, Business Tools, Business Accelerators, Successful Job Procurement,  Wealth Creation, Public Speaking,  Presentation, Marketing, Branding, the full Picture for Amazing Success.


  • A healthy sense of Self Worth
  • A healthy Self Image
  • Successful Relationships with Self, at work, with family and friends
  • Successful Intimate Relationships
  • Access to your Purpose and Inspiration
  • Business Creation
  • Business Tools
  • Business Acceleration
  • Wealth Creation Tools
  • Success in job Applications
  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Become the Full Package
  • Personal and Financial Independence

Everything you need to Thrive!





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