How to Transform All Your Relationships!

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Featuring Bonus Tips from Samantha Jayne, Celebrity Relationship Expert from The Bachelor TV

10 Lessons to discover how to boost the relationship with yourself, transform Relationships with family, friends, partners, rise above politics and other work issues. Discover how to sail through situations with Irrational people! Distinguish the difference between Love and Love Addiction and learn healthy alternatives. Plus Goddess Dating! 

This Online Course offers you Tips you can put to Practice and Bonus Downloads!

My name is Tula Tzoras and I have helped countless women regain their self-worth, because I have been there! Childhood trauma resulted in a lifetime and fortune on personal growth and training. It impacted my health, wealth and relationships. I have found that it all comes down to Self-Worth and I have chosen the best methods over years, to empower you. 

The Good news is, you can change your mind and change your life! The question is, are you ready to leave your comfort zone? A lifetime of conditioning takes time and practice to transform. If you are committed to Growth I recommend you put all the Tips in this online course to practice and know I am here for you, should you wish to arrange a Free Coaching Call!

From Barbara Illiopoulos 
I have had the pleasure to be coached and mentored by Tula now for nearly a year . Tula is a highly skilled mentor and coach , who has always shown commitment and dedication to the transformation of my life. Tula’s approach is unique as she uses a combination of holistic healing at a cellular level with education to accelerate personal growth and development in all areas of life . 
Thank you so much Tula for your help thus far, and I look forward to becoming the best version of myself with your guidance, mentoring and help . 🙏❤️

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