Goddess Public Speaking & Presentation Masterclass

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Does Public Speaking Terrify You?

How would you Like to Speak like a Master, knowing all the Tricks of the Trade?

Whatever you do, you must be able to talk about it! Learn how to Conquer Fear of Public Speaking; Public Speaking Skills; Voice Production; What you need to know about Public Speaking; How to launch your Public Speaking Career; Your Winning Presentation.

With Bonus Downloads, including Voice Production

I have spent a lifetime in the Entertainment Industry as an Actor, Presenter and Public Speaker. 

My name is Tula Tzoras and I have helped countless women regain their self-worth, because I have been there! Childhood trauma resulted in a lifetime and fortune on personal growth and training. It impacted my health, wealth and relationships. I have found that it all comes down to Self-Worth and I have chosen the best methods over years, to empower you. I am a Mentor/Coach, Empath and Claircognizant. 

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