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You are invited to Become a Monthly Goddess Member, enjoying a vibrant Network, with women empowering women ! Cancel Anytime, or Opt in and out!

The new Era of Female Leaders is calling You!

With Your Special Gift, the Areti Goddess Guide!
Bi-Weekly  Online Group Coaching normally $350 per month, at just $29 for the first month,  to get you through this time; check in, process what is happening for you, release it and power on; each time, a few Goddesses are chosen at random to pose questions; with  meditations, exercises to remove blocks, resources, facilitated discussions; Collaborations and Connections
A powerful community 
A safe, confidential and Supportive Space

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Imagine being able to access tools to fly through situations instantly
Imagine being the master of your destiny
Centred, peaceful regardless of chaos and drama
Focussed and clear, free of clutter, self-sabotage and overwhelm
Unapologetic about living your passion and purpose
Fulfilling your dreams
Imagine getting and STAYING out of your way

Have you ever seen men apologise for who they are or what they command for their work?  The big boys are killing it and good on them!
Meanwhile women, stifled with fear of "who am I to be powerful" or "what will they think of me", or "I don't deserve this", "I am faking it", "not good enough", "not smart enough", "no one will love me", create that reality!

You are NOT the woman behind the Great man!

It is time to take our rightful place, bridge the gaps; we must call in a new Era of Empowered Goddesses. 

Breaking free of the war within, conditioned drama, will give you the respect and power to achieve anything! This is the benefit of ongoing work!


You see the state of the world. The world needs Powerful leaders. The world needs You!


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