2 Day Confidence Boost

Celebrate All of Who You Are in this 2 Day Workshop!

Unleash Your Full Expression!

Organise a Group and your Registration is Free


Boost Your Confidence Video with Tips


Love to Stand Tall in Confidence?
Make an Entrance, exuding magnetism, attracting people to you without having to Try?
Be Authentic, Free and Fully Present

You Deserve the Confidence to Speak Your Truth, win at Work and Life

Your Life is Your Work of Art
Reach out and Take it!

Here's What Others Say! 


Join this 2 Day Workshop and  set yourself Free! An Intensive, Interactive, fun Experience you will Treasure.


DAY 1 9.30am - 6pm
Learn to Connect
Discover how to Trust
Free Your Voice
Free Your Movement
Releasing Blocks
Discover your Unique Power Stance

DAY 2 9.30am-6pm
Your Confidence Boost
Practicing Authenticity
 Your Unique Expression
 Your Gifts
Your Plans
Inclusive Of:
Work books

If you worry about what others think, are unable to assert yourself, feel intimidated, withdraw socially, feel safer alone, feel afraid, this is for YOU 



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