CORONAVIRUS: Resources and Offers

Goddess, during this time of rapid change to life as we know it, some empowering material to ease your transition. 

Offers and Resources

 Free Download of the Areti Goddess Guide:

Free Download the Areti Goddess Guide

The Pefect Daily Companion for a Goddess! Filled with Affirmations you can choose daily or weekly to practice. Great for your Cognitive thinking, staying strong and positive. A ROADMAP TO AN AUTHENTIC, CONFIDENT, FEMININE, POWERFUL GODDESS, YOU


Free Download How to Release Anxiety with easy tips to follow here: How to Release Anxiety Free Download

Free Video Preview!

There has never been a better time to Access your Purpose and Passion to do what you Love, specifically Online as we go into a New Era!  So I have arranged a FREE PREVIEW of the Areti Goddess Online Program, perfect for boosting your confidence and starting a Business! To make it more accessible for you during this time, this amazing Program is now reduced from $997 to just $97 Goddesses.  Here is the link: 

A Whole Range of Online Courses for your Personal & Professional Development from just $29 to Support you.

As our Goddess Events are cancelled,  due to Coronavirus, we are taking it all Online for Group Coaching, connection and women empowering women. Again, group Online Coaching, normally $350 per month is reduced to $29 to Support you during this time. Join us here:

Book Your Free Online Coaching Call here: Your Coaching Call

If you are already working online and you want to build your lists, Convertikit is awesome and they have a free plan too! Here is the link

 Build your Email Lists


You can also view Replays on this Channel anytime Goddess! 

Your Free Coaching Call

 Love to Change an Area of Your Life? Time to Take Action, book your free Online Call Now!