The Areti Goddess Events have been established to Empower people, especially women, Personally and Professionally to  help change our Statistics around the world.

In Australia alone, half our middle aged mothers, sisters and friends do not have retirement funds to retire on. One in three of us is Abused in Intimate Relationship and more than Half Obese, many of us with Health Issues. 

That is why the Areti Goddess Events Online Program is Specifically Designed to provide Breakthrough tools to Eliminate Negative Patterns and Boost Self-Worth, empowering women to do what they love and to take their rightful place! The full package to gain Confidence and Start a Business!





Tula's extraordinary life experience resulted in a lifetime of Personal and Spiritual Growth and training, giving Tula a well rounded education.  She advocates that it takes a combination of techniques to free us to be All of who we Really Are! Hence, she has designed the Areti Goddess Events program to reflect that.

Tula Tzoras has always been passionate about empowering people.        

“When I was in my 30s I had a vision to end Poverty and suffering; leading a group of volunteers we dedicated our work to the UNMP; the project eventually transformed into many forms and lasted for many years. I have volunteered in the community, helped Indigenous Girls improve their Self Esteem; I established a Facebook Page called Sustainable Solutions, a Facebook Group called How Can I Help. In 2016, I ran for the Seat of Sydney Federal Election for a small party because I believed it would empower people, not because I wanted to be a Politician! Now, it's time to Empower Women with the Areti Goddess Events!” Tula has been featured on the Inspirational women online Showcase for FACS. 
























Tula is the Author of The Truth About Acting (available through major retailers like Balboa Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc) and many Articles published in magazines including "Leaders in Heels" and "True Natural Health". This led to Tula's Speaking engagements.

For Topics please visit the Public Speaking Page. 

Tula of Areti Goddess Events & Author of "The Truth About Acting"

Tula Tzoras has a background as an Actor, Presenter and film maker. Here are some of her credits:

TV including Water Rats, Just Kidding, Police Rescue, GP, A Country Practice, As The Bell Rings, Neighbours (two guest appearances), The Union Organiser, The Comedy Company, The Ham Factory, Me and My Monsters, Offspring and more. Her film credits include: The Venus Factory, The Seventh Floor, Talk as well as over 20 short films for festivals.

Her theatre credits include: Grounds for Marriage, The Vagina Monologues, The Great Divide, Parthenon Air, A Rich Woman’s Lament, Five Times Dizzy, The Vermonts, Tony and Tina’s Wedding, Therapy, New Balls Please, A Sporting Chance, Gun Play (Gun Control Theatre Action). Commercials include: Telstra.com, Dulux, Dettol, Commonwealth Bank. National Australia Bank, GST, Lipton’s Tea, Sweat hog, RTA, Simmons, Poise, Comvita Olive Leaf Extract, Youi Insurance, NRMA, MLA

In 2010 Tula created and produced TOUCH UPS WITH TULA. A series of five short comedy eps were made and they are on You Tube now, touching up Tottie Goldsmith, Rob Morgan, Fiona Scott Norman, Kevin Grise, John Beland and Graham Harvey, with her Stylists to the Stars, Magic Mike and Bronny, finding out all the nitty gritty! Very politically incorrect.

The team from TOUCH UPS WITH TULA | Areti Goddess Events - Empower people, Personally & Professionally

Tula Tzoras has written, directed, produced and performed in  short films for Tropfest, including: She Saw the Seesaw( a Tropfest finalist), Party Poop, Till Death Do Us Part, Hooked at the Steki, Touch ups with Tula (short comedy Eps on You Tube). 

Tula has appeared as TV Presenter on Networks Nine, Ten, 7, TVSN in Advertorials for Danoz Direct and was also seen as a Host on Psychic TV.

She has also produced live entertainment and film screening events.

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