2020 Rise of Female Leaders - Guest Posts

Guest Post Topics

A great way to acknowledge yourself and what you do, something we forget to do so often. Your  story can inspire other Goddesses, by sharing a Breakthrough you have experienced in health, wealth, relationships, business, or a passion you are putting to action, particularly at this time! 
Your email address is needed for invoicing, please contact hello@aretigoddessevents.com Subject "Guest Post".
Production of Case Study Interviews takes time, interviews are published and promoted in order of submission. Weekly deadline for submissions is Tuesday.


Guest Post Formats

5 different titles for your posts eg. "how I won my battle with"
Your interview in document format, including your interview questions
You also have the option of doing your Interview on Video
At least 4 publicity images sent separately for graphic design
Your logo if you have one, sent separately
Your social media links
A one to three sentence Bio in third person

Your interview focus 

Your expertise on a subject
Your product or service
Your Inspiring Story
Your social contribution

How your Interview will be Shared

 Your interview will be sent to you in PDF format. It will be shared by mail out, blog, social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google. 

Why Guest Post?

To build awareness
Create a Buzz
Reach another audience
Build Trust
Increase Traffic
Inspire other amazing women to Rise Up

Guest Post Pricing

$147 plus GST $177 plus GST with advertising for Text Interviews

 Video Interviews 

Barbarella Video Interviews based in Sydney Australia
View Barbarella Productions here!  https://www.barbarellaproductions.com.au/video/
1. Case Study published by Areti Goddess Events (including all the extras etc)
2. Video to be published as part of Case Study - more details on inclusions below. 
- 1-2 hour video interview including product/service video capture, editing, captions & titles
- Final video delivered is 1.5-2.5 minutes
- Video uploaded to Barbarella Productions & Areti Goddess Events YouTube Channels
- Video included in Case Study and can also be embedded on Client Website

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