You Are An Investment

You Are An Investment

May 27, 2019

Happy Monday Goddesses!

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Dear Goddesses, I hope this finds you well and happy on this Monday Goals Day, where we make goals for our week. In news, as promised, our monthly Goddess Gatherings begin on June 1 and you are invited! We will Bask under the Brilliantly Coloured Lights of Vivid Festival! Held at the Opera Bar in Sydney, we will congregate at 6pm to Network, Empower Each other and Enjoy! Please RSVP for Numbers. 
In Other news, I am busy Coaching, organising Individual Action Plans and Goal Setting in preparation for the re-commencement of the ARETI GODDESS EVENTS PROGRAM in JULY! Places are filling up, so if you have Definite Plans and are Committed to Your Growth, book a time for your FREE EMPOWER SESSION, get in touch. Join us on this Amazing Adventure to Transformation. 
LIVE weekly on Tuesdays at 6pm on the Areti Goddess Events Group Page on Facebook to Address Questions as your Coach and discuss Topics. As valued Subscribers, you are welcome to Join our Closed Group here: means wherever you are you can Join In!

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You Are An Investment

You may wonder what GODDESS stands for. Being a Goddess means that you are Unapologetic for Who You Are. As women, with an innate nature to Nurture, Serve and Give, we are programmed to think and give to ourselves last. It goes against our grain to put ourselves first, even when we really need to. In relationships 1 in every 4 of us is abused, wearing our Self- Esteem down, with detrimental effects. ISN'T IT TIME TO RECLAIM OUR POWER? WORTHINESS IS NOT SELFISH! YOU DESERVE IT. So today, I want you to begin to think of Yourself as an Investment. Think of everything you Invest in, like diets, fashion, hair and makeup, Personal Trainers etc. Now when we are sick we visit the doctor yes? Why then not Invest in Empowering yourself to Achieve your Goals? Why not Become Your Own Best Coach? Know that every area left disempowered becomes empowered by someone else!

Your Life is cut short.Any Regrets 7


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HANDPICKED RESOURCES : Articles published in True Natural Health and Leaders in Heels Magazines, including Simple Tips for Happiness, Breathing and Quality of Life, Heavel or Hell, a Choice, How to Conquer Stage Fright for Public Speaking, Why it Helps to be in a State of Inspiration, How to Abolish Anxiety and How to Turn Obstacles into Opportunities.






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