Toss Struggle, Hello Ease!

Toss Struggle, Hello Ease!

December 09, 2019

Happy happy Monday! How time is flying! It's that time of year isn't it? A great time to stop and Breathe!
In news, Goddesses, I have the perfect Chrissy Gift for you! The ARETI GODDESS GUIDE, a great Companion, check it out here!
I am in the throes of preparing a 12 Days of Christmas Offer for you now! In the meantime, our NEXT EVENT for Sydney is published and you can book your tickets here Our Next Event!

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This will be our Topic for Discussion on Facebook Live tomorrow at 6pm, link below if you would like to join in! We do struggle a lot don't we? How can we help it? It is the way we are conditioned. Often struggle becomes so innate, we think nothing of it, other than to complain when things get particularly tough. Some of us even get off on it, we can't imagine being idle, at ease. How Boring! Just like being addicted to drama or adrenaline.

Whenever we struggle, we are on the wrong path. When we choose to do something and Obstacles keep coming up, we are being told we are going the wrong way. The question is whether we listen!

When we choose the path of least resistance, when we feel happy and at ease, we are ON Purpose. You may know this feeling, when you have previously been inspired to do something and all the elements aligned for it to happen. When we operate according to our Unique Purpose, all the traffic lights turn green for GO!

Join us for Facebook Live tomorrow at 6 for more! Link below xo

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The ARETI GODDESS GUIDE, a perfect Gift!
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