February 04, 2019

Dear Amazing Goddesses,

I hope this finds you well and super Happy! Its been an amazing few days for me, despite ongoing complications from surgery, which I will not allow to stop me, with acupressure massage, Moxibustion and of course an Awesome Day with yet another breakthrough with Ben Harvey at the Turning Point Intensive!

I am happy to say that I will be continuing my education with Ben and Authentic Education! At any stage, we all need Mentors, Coaches, Teachers to Grow further don't we? 
I will never stop! The more I gain, the more I can Share with you, always and forever.



A Blindspot is an area you cannot see, for example when you drive. It can also be an area you don't see in life!

So if you don't have the relationship you want, the job you want, the prosperity you want, the health you want, chances are you have a BLINDSPOT! 
Allow me to share an example from the Breakthrough I had doing a Prosperity Imprint with Ben on the weekend. In the process I was amazed to discover that my exhaustion, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was directly linked to my level of wealth! Bear in mind that I work on myself daily and have done for a lifetime now... 
I was blown away! I never put the two together! That was my blindspot. Of course it was all cleared and I am more energised now than ever!

My point is that though we are amazing and we know so much, we cannot possibly see what a mentor or teacher may see. I specifically established WEEKLY ONLINE MENTORING **as a more affordable option for you and If you subscribe NOW you will begin with a Free Consultation and Action Plan!

If you don't have your ACTION PLAN for the Year yet, book your Free Online Consultation Now, link below.


Just like you hire a Coach for Business or a Personal Trainer...If you would like to launch into Transformation in 2019, Empower disempowered areas of your life and become the Leader you deserve to be, what are you waiting for? Just Do It!

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