Sure You are Not a Liar?

Sure You are Not a Liar?

January 28, 2020




A huge hello after a long Weekend in Australia! With just over two hours to go until our Facebook Live at 6pm, some news before we launch into our topic.
Firstly our next Goddess Event is coming up on Monday in Sydney! If you love collaborative, supportive women ladies book now, here is the link for more! Our February Goddess Event!
Our amazing community is growing and I cant wait to see you!

This topic relates to our level of honesty and it requires embracing our shadow, something we must do anyway, if we are to be fully realised humans!

Most of us like to think we are "good" people and we are taught not to tell lies. Most of us believe we are honest don't we?

The truth is there are so many things we tell ourselves, so many things we rationalise and justify. This is not about our Inner Critic. This is a question about how Honest we truly are with ourselves!


Firstly we must embrace our Shadow, as that is the path to our truth. The great news is that, when we do embrace our Shadow, we can actually laugh at ourselves, rather than judge and beat ourselves up.

Next time you justify, rationalise, blame, resign to, judge, complain, take a minute to ask:

You may be out of action, in pain, sick and think it just happens and feel sad about it.
What could a possible Payoff be here? Could your illness be stopping you from really participating in life? Could the payoff be that you really needed a rest?
I hope this gives you an idea, more on FB LVIE at 6pm and here's to Honesty and Authenticity my friends!

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