Showing Up for Success!

Showing Up for Success!

October 08, 2019

Happy Monday Goddesses!


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Showing Up for Success


Showing up is about Integrity, about doing what we say we will do. When we make medical appointments, buy tickets to events, have an educational or career deadline and arrive late, on the wrong day or miss it, we miss the Experience.

Now think about an Experience you are really invested in! The excitement, gratification, is amazing! Experiences we hold in high esteem are rarely ones we miss. We Show Up!

How do we Show Up in our Lives? As children we are taught to conform to Authority figures and fit into social norms, being reprimanded when we don't. This teaches us to focus outward and we miss the magic that lies within!

When we Show Up for Ourselves we Build Self-Love, Respect, Trust and Authenticity!

So what stops us from Showing Up? FEAR of Vulnerability, being Judged, are two of the most common.

Here's How to Show Up for Success!

1. Take Stock of where you Show up, are fully Present and where you do not.
2. Discover whether you recreate patterns and problems in your life, that either sabotage your life or happiness.
3. Give yourself positive feedback when you enjoy the gifts of Showing Up!
4. Take Responsibility for the times you don't show up, refraining from blame or judgement. Awareness is key here.

Your Life is Your Creation and Your Work of Art. Be willing to Show Up giving and receiving in Flow and always Stay True to Yourself!

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Happy Monday! Its been a hectic time as usual here, coaching and forming amazing collaborations ! Last week we held our Monthly Goddess Experience and it was fantastic! We enjoyed a 1920s Parisian atmosphere whilst establishing our group of women empowering women, chatting and networking, so keep November 1 free and join us ladies!

I am also preparing for my Speech at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney October 19 & 20 on TIME TO BREAK FREE LADIES! Here is a link to book with more information! TIME TO BREAK FREE LADIES! MIND BODY SPIRIT FESTIVAL
Time now to prepare for Facebook Live at 6pm tonight, where I will be discussing the subject of Showing Up with our Goddesses! Check out the links below!
Until Next Time!

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