April 15, 2019


Happy Monday Friends! 
I hope this finds you well and happy! I can finally report the secret link to How to Boost Your Confidence video Replay from the Mind Body Spirit Festival is ready for your Click! I suggest allowing time and space for the Take Away Tips and Breakthrough exercises, paying specific attention to the 5 STEP PROCESS to Banish Negative Beliefs and the last exercise to Ground AUTHENTIC CONFIDENCE! The more you put in, the more you will Benefit and it is my gift to you! Also remember that to make amends for the late delivery of this video, you are entitled to ONE EMPOWERING COACHING SESSION FREE. To book a time and date just reply to this email.

The video replay runs for just over 50 minutes

Money seems to be one of the main limiting factors when it comes to investing in ourselves, though we choose to invest in personal training, the gym, entertainment and so on. Whilst enjoying life is what its all about, it is important to realise that our goals are sabotaged by underlying unconscious drivers, despite our best efforts. 
Doesn't it make sense then, that investing in personal coaching goes hand in hand with working toward our goals? Self-Worth is putting us first and treating ourselves well. A thought... Here is a link for One on One Coaching for you:


Regardless of the rush you may be in, or the stress at work, one way to pace yourself is to BREATHE DEEPLY AND SLOWLY! This will stop your mind chatter, put you in the moment, raise your vibration and connect you to your source of inspiration! Why not create space?

Here is the link to our SUPER HEALTH WEBINAR featuring Saira Khalid, Wahido Marata and Myself, hosted by Daniel Taylor going above and beyond conventional medicine!**

I hope you Enjoy our Super Health Webinar and it Empowers You today!



Just like you hire a Coach for Business or a Personal Trainer... 
For One on One Life Coaching and Professional Coaching head to

For Your Free Empower Session: 
For Speaking Topics:

For Weekly Group Online Coaching:[]

For the Areti Goddess Events Program:

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