My Story, Kerry Billett, 2020 Case Study, Rise of Female Leaders!

My Story, Kerry Billett, 2020 Case Study, Rise of Female Leaders!

by TULA TZORAS July 26, 2020

I hope this finds you well and happy despite external circumstances! This week, our Spotlight is on an amazing, courageous Goddess, Kerry Billett! You can inspire other amazing women by sharing your Story too, here is the link for More

In which area of life have you experienced a Breakthrough, that will inspire other women? Health, Wealth, Relationships, Business?

In life, I have experienced growing up in the country and was taught that the simple things in life are beautiful. My parents didn’t have loads of money, but they made sure that we were fed well, and I had freedom to run around in the country and ride motor bikes, eat fresh food and appreciate family.

When I left home my mother encouraged me to do BIG things with my life, therefore I moved to London for 9 years. I worked with many cultures whilst I was there and learnt to love all walks of life and Party hard. When I returned to Australia I fell in love with a doctor in Maths and we have had two beautiful children.

Being a mum softened me, but I have also experienced turmoil that I didn’t think I could get through. BUT here I am today a successful woman with love for everyone.

Opening my own business in recycled fashion was very daunting but I stayed true to myself and worked so many hours to ensure I would save the planet one garment at a time. I now offer cycled designer clothes to people Under $100 and have given so many people a HUGE smile.

What motivated and inspired you? Why are you passionate about it?

I am motivated by the fact that I offer huge designer fashion brands under $100. I am also motivated because my clothing is on consignment which means that women also sell all their clothes to me and make money. My other motivation is my children, I want to be a role model to them and own a business. When I see the joy from people that I style and make them feel beautiful it brings my endless joy.

When did you make the decision?

I made the decision to open my store as my kids had started school and I knew I had a skill in fashion after 20 years as a special affects makeup artist and also knew there was a gap in the market for people that couldn’t afford beautiful designer pieces. It still, to this day scares me and amazes me that I had the confidence to own a business and I am very proud.

Share a little about your inspiring Story

My inspiring story was me becoming a person in a career that I was passionate about. I was also inspired by my friends such as Tula that knew I was capable of achieving greatness and gave me love and support. I was also inspired by my partner of 13 years who stood by me in the early days when a new business is hard work.

Tell us about it (idea)

Basically, as I mentioned above my inspiration came from wanting to dress women in beautiful clothes at an affordable price and show them new ways to dress to be the most amazing women they can be.

If it is a Business, have you started your business or have an idea for one?

I started the business and have worked relentless hours to make it a success

Are you currently running any promos/contests/giveaways that you would like our readers to know about?

I run many events monthly such as, art classes, teacup readings, fashion styling nights, floral arrangements. My insta is #facebykb

List awards/certifications/accomplishments.

I have a law degree; I have a diploma in makeup artistry and special effects and have study colour charts in fashion

Where is your business based?

My business is called Face By KB, recycled designer vintage and I am based at 71 Bayswater Road, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney, Australia!

What were the first few steps you took?

I found a location to base my store at that I only paid $200 per week at as he was trying to sell the space. I took this opportunity to see if my idea would work. Once I proved to myself that I had the strength to succeed I found a beautiful shop that was previously a stream stress shop. It had been vacant for 2 years and I have turned it into a clothing and accessories candy store.

What has been the most effective way of achieving your goal, e.g. in business, raising awareness of your business and getting new customers?

Above all, I have been successful from my kind nature, commitment to my clients, being a listener to my client’s issues and the love of making people feel beautiful. Apart from that I have handed out flyers and also really love Instagram and Facebook.

What have been your biggest challenges so far?

My biggest challenge has been building up an organic clientele to ensure I cover rent and life for my family. I have also found after 3 years in business that I need to stay passionate and motivated even if I’m exhausted.

Have you overcome these challenges?

I spend every week over coming these challenges and finding the motivation to do what I love. When you have your own business, you are the only one that can be responsible, and that is a HUGE commitment.

How did you overcome these challenges?

I have overcome them as I am a strong woman!!!!!

How do you keep motivated through difficult times?

I keep motivated from the happiness I bring my clients and all the exciting clothes I get on consignment!

What makes your story unique? In business, how do you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

I am different from anyone else as I am the only recycled designer/vintage shop in Australia that offers high end fashion under $100. This makes me so proud for all the amazing women out there.

What is the best advice you have received recently?

Have time to treat yourself as you work so hard. Also, to keep up my marketing as its crucial!

What advice would you give to inspire other Female Leaders?

My advice to other women is that we are very capable and amazing people and to always follow your dream. Please know that it is a hard job having your own business and never give up because there will be good days and bad days. Also turn to your friends for advice and what you put in you get back. I recommend all women take a chance in life and own a business as you only live once!

What are your favourite tools/resources and why?

My favourite tools are my beautiful clients, myself, my love and commitment and also marketing through Insta, Facebook, word of mouth through good service and passion.

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Store Address: Face by KB, 71 Bayswater Road, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney, Australia




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