MEDIA RELEASE: Turning Half our Middle Aged Women Ageing in Poverty into Myth

MEDIA RELEASE: Turning Half our Middle Aged Women Ageing in Poverty into Myth

September 30, 2018

Turning Half our Middle Aged Women Ageing in Poverty into Myth


In news, the Areti Goddess Events, just launched, are dedicated to empower women personally and professionally to put an end to our friends, mothers, and sisters, ageing in poverty.


Founder Tula Tzoras, “Now more than Ever we must come together!”


In Australia, half of our middle aged women are currently facing old age in Poverty with $10k or less in Retirement Funds.


The report, “Retiring into Poverty”, released by the National Older Women’s Housing and Homelessness Working Group, said systemic factors such as lower superannuation, unequal pay and forced time off to raise children were key factors of the increase.


It’s never too late, especially if we decide life now begins at 50! So many of us find we haven’t accumulated much in Superannuation, myself included. In fact at 50ish I have launched my first ever company, after spending my adult life as an Actor, Author and Speaker. Having had an extraordinary journey, I am passionate about empowering others, Tula says.


The Areti Goddess Events Program has been researched over decades and carefully formulated to provide Solutions. We invite collaboration and welcome empowering women. We are here to support and encourage each other.


Combining personal with professional development, offering Collaboration, Consultation, Mentoring, Events, Speaking, online and offline, this is a One Year Course.


Top Experts and Breakthrough Tools are Provided, boosting our #1 Issue of Self-Worth. The Areti Goddess Events Program employs a combination of techniques including NLP, Practical Spirituality, Cognitive therapy, Neuroplasticity and the list goes on. Tula Tzoras has found that it takes a combination of practices to Transform. In addition, our Goddesses are armed with business Skills and everything they need to foster Authentic, Powerful, Financially Independent Leaders. 


Here is a one minute video on it:


“We should be enjoying our later years, not suffering in poverty, after all we do.”


We invite Media Partners to join us in this movement.

For Media Enquiries please contact Tula Tzoras on 0434 014 414


Here is a link for footage, interviews and testimonials







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