How to Deal when it's All Too Much!

How to Deal when it's All Too Much!

by TULA TZORAS August 18, 2020

How are you? I hope this finds you safe and well! In news, whilst this is normally the day I Broadcast Live on You Tube, there will not be a broadcast today, I will be back vlogging next week Goddess!

I have a sudden challenge today, to film a self test for an Audition, thanks to Coronavirus and this time they ask for a whole production, so it's all systems go. Rather than overcommit myself and experience overwhelm, the Broadcast had to go this week. That prompted this week's topic on being overcommitted and overwhelmed, perpetually in over our heads!

When demands increase, we work harder, longer, often without stopping to ask WHY? Since we are our own creators, yes our innate power is Goddess, let's get to the bottom of this shall we? 

The Cognitive impact of incessant Overwhelm

  1. Mental Slowness
2. Confusion
 3. Forgetfulness
  4. Inability to focus
    5. Constant mind chatter
    6. Freezing into inaction
     7. Inability to problem solve

We can find ourselves going into complete avoidance, dropping the ball completely, biting heads off, feeling guilty, frustrated, the list goes on. So here are some tips to help ease your burden Goddess.

Tips to deal with Overwhelm

Stop and Ask yourself WHY? why are you doing all this?

Find out what causes you the most stress and see if you can eliminate that task. This will reduce your stress levels.

Learn to say NO Identify your own boundaries and hours and stick to them!

Stop being a Perfectionist! You don't have to make tasks bigger than they are.

Farm it out!
Outsource and delegate so that you can do what you Love Goddess.

Challenge your Big Assumptions, the ones that keep you in avoidance behaviour. These are usually limiting beliefs like "if I don't do this, they won't need me and I will lose my value".
It is important to release these unconscious drivers.

Never judge yourself. Be the witness, be conscious. As always it is vital that you don't stress.

I hope these tips empower you today Goddess!

In other news, it is so gratifying to see our 2020 Case Study for the Rise of Female Leaders take off as it has, thank you amazing women! If you'd like to share your inspiring story, here is how: 2020 CASE STUDY RISE OF FEMALE LEADERS



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