How Mini Me can Change Your Life!

How Mini Me can Change Your Life!

November 18, 2019


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AreTi GoDdeSs EveNts Pre Chrissy Cheer December 2 2019 6.30-10pm

Happy Happy Monday amazing ladies. Boy do I have news and goodies for you!

I have been in the process of updating the Areti Goddess Events Online Program, adding heaps of Bonuses, on my mission to overdeliver. I have to tell you, it has been a creatively fulfilling experience! I am so grateful to be creating that for my future as much as Yours!

A Question for you! What would you change to Start Fresh in 2020? Love to hear.

Great News! Just released, you can enter the contest and Win! Here is the link, check it out:

Are you sick of competitive Women? Well Guess What? Our community of women empowering women, meeting monthly in Sydney is growing and you are invited to join us for our pre Chrissy event on December 2. This will be an intimate event with just 20 of us coming together to review our year, enjoy and network. Here is the link to book and I would love to see you! Areti Goddess Events Pre Chrissy Cheer

Empowering Tips


This week's Topic of Discussion on Facebook Live tomorrow at 6pm, join us! Until then...
Do you remember Mini Me? Always loved that! In this case I am referring to your Inner Child. Did you know that you can access yourself at any age?

Here's the thing; Between the age of 0-7, the imprinting stage, we develop our habitual patterns and behaviours. We do this by recreating the feelings we felt during that time. That is why none of us escape low Self-Worth to one degree or another.

The Great News is that your habitual behaviours are actualised neural networks and all you need do is change the wiring! This is some of the work we do together. If we go further, we can then change the feelings we crystallised when we were young too.

Our Inner child needs safety, approval, acceptance, hope, encouragement, love, attention, stimulation, physical contact, sleep, rest and fun.


Great News! Transforming those initial feelings can literally change the Blueprint of your Life! I have an example of that. Just the other day I awoke at 4am, what is called the witching hour. I was in terror! I started talking to little Tula and before long she felt safe and so did I.

My Tip to you is to Work with your Inner Child or Mini Me. Of course we do that working together. To start you off however, try journalling with your inner child with the opposite hand to the one you normally use. I would love to hear your experience!
Join us on Facebook Live tomorrow at 6pm for more !

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