Ends in 24 Hours!

Ends in 24 Hours!

by TULA TZORAS January 24, 2020



Happy Friday All! This is your SHOUT OUT!
Just 24 Hours left to Join Us in Our Launch!

This photo is with Superstars Stella and Joanne Gianotto, Guest Experts in the Areti Goddess Online Program from Brand for Brands. Led by myself, The Program also features Guest Expert Tips from Samantha Jayne, celebrity Relationship Expert from The Bachelor TV, Hunter & Spice Marketing and more!


Begin with your One on One Coaching Session, set Goals and receive your Personal Action Plan, then join Group Online Coaching weekly as you complete the Online Course! 9 Audio/Visual Modules with loads of Bonus Downloads including:

Self-Worth and Image


Super Health

Purpose & Passion

Business Tools to Do what you Love

Public Speaking




Pitching your Idea/Business

Publicity Photography

For a Full list of Modules and information Areti Goddess Online Program


Our Launch Offer, priced at the price of a single coaching session for the Entire Program ends in 24 Hours! Here's where to Book Now Areti Goddess Online Program

Are you committed to Smashing your Goals and being the Best You?

Do YOU feel that you would love help breaking through obstacles and stumbling blocks that you haven't yet worked through?

I Invite you to Take Action Now. Choose the Areti Goddess Online Program before our Launch Offer Ends! Just see what you get for the price of a Single Coaching Session! Areti Goddess Online Program<-



Please see ABOUT TULA on www.aretigoddessevents.com

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