Did I Tell you?

Did I Tell you?

by TULA TZORAS January 20, 2020

A Paradox


Did I ever Tell you I am a Paradox? Have I told you my Story?

My mother almost died giving birth to me. My brain was altered. From an early age, I experienced panic attacks.

I was enrolled in almost 10 schools between Australia and Greece. At school, I was always the outsider, learning to fit in. Regardless, I excelled.

In my early teens I experienced a major trauma, which impacted my health, wealth and relationships later. The trauma was such, that I left my body and became unconscious for many years.

I became an overachiever. Graduating from University, I became an Actor, did other jobs, made films, became a published Author, Speaker, did humanitarian work, whilst my health, wealth and relationships suffered.

It was a very fast, adventurous rollercoaster. In the last year before the Fall, I did the equivalent of two full time jobs whilst communicating with the UNMP and downloading ideas overnight.

Until my brain shut down. Then my system shut down and I collapsed. I was so sick and they didn't know why for months. Until I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I was told I was a "most complicated case". Practitioners refused to see me because my body "contradicted itself". Though nothing sinister, I had several operations.

The obstacles continued, having to move house with all my furniture a million times through no fault of my own for instance, until I found myself in public housing, was finally able to heal and re-build.

Massive “limitations” that might have resulted in a very different ending.

Instead, I spent a lifetime and fortune on personal/spiritual growth and training. Already an Empath and Claircognizant, I became a Reiki Master, studied emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, relationships, finally becoming a personal and professional Coach. I gathered the best tools from everything I tried and I tried everything!

I discovered it takes a combination of methods to truly heal and grow. They are the methods I now use with my clients.

It sounds like a movie and that is half of it. The dark and the light. Pleasure and pain. Benefit and challenge. Gain and loss. The law of Opposites. I often describe myself as a paradox.

I don't share this for sympathy or admiration – but instead to reflect on the extraordinary journey I have had, the obstacles that I have overcome and thereby inspire, empower and provide the steps to people who feel disempowered.

It’s also one of the many reasons why I work tirelessly to help people transform their restrictions and what holds them back, so they too can be free.

Is this something that resonates with you?

Do YOU feel that you would love help breaking through obstacles and stumbling blocks that you haven't yet worked through?

There are so many people just like you that want to know:

HOW to move forward; and

HOW to break patterns that are holding them back.

I invite you to Take Action Now. Choose Coaching ( see links below) or for you lovelies, join the Areti Goddess Online Program now, before our Launch Offer Ends in a few days! Just see what you get for the price of a Single Coaching Session! Areti Goddess Online Program



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