Coronavirus: Resources to take Control of your Destiny

Coronavirus: Resources to take Control of your Destiny

by TULA TZORAS March 30, 2020

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Taking Control of your Destiny


Dear Friends hello!

About You Tube Live, the videos do remain there, so you can watch replays, the link is on the image and below too! I have been posting coping skills.

I have produced some empowering material to ease your transition. For instance, a Free Download on Easy Tips to Release your Anxiety immediately!

See links below for everything available to you.



We are now familiar, unfortunately, with loss and grief, powerlessness, anxiety, panic, the impact of which is showing up in domestic violence and people generally lashing out at each other. If you are a victim of domestic violence, though it is frightening and often we feel too weak to do anything, please, please Reach out for help. There are organisations ready to help you, social media groups, even if you can reach out to a friend.

You are also welcome to book a free coaching call with me, link below to Book! 

All of this is totally understandable, as we find ourselves tossed into chaos and uncertainty. All of our known structures, as well as our safety blankets are gone. That is why I prepared this free download for you. I know what it is like to experience high levels of anxiety.

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Offers and Resources

Goddesses, you can now Download the Areti Goddess Guide FREE here:

Free Download the Areti Goddess Guide

FREE DOWNLOAD How to Release Anxiety here: How to Release Anxiety Free Download

As we enter an Online Era, I have now arranged a FREE PREVIEW of the Areti Goddess Online Program, perfect for boosting your confidence and starting a Business! To make it more accessible for you during this time, this amazing Program is now reduced from $997 to just $97 Goddesses. Offer ends in 30 Days. Here is the link:

For the First Time, you can now Choose individual

Modules from the Areti Goddess Online Program at a ridiculous $29 to help you for 30 Days!


Here is the link to redeem that offer and check out the Modules! Individual Modules Areti Goddess Online Program

If you are already working online and you want to build your lists, Convertikit is awesome and they have a free plan too! Here is the link Build your Email Lists
At this difficult time, you can also

Access the Areti Goddess Online Monthly Membership at just $29 for the first 30 Days.


At this time, as our Goddess Events are cancelled, we are taking it all Online for Group Coaching, connection and women empowering women. The support you need here: Areti Goddess Online Monthly Membership Offer

For Your Free Online Empowering Coaching Call Your Coaching Call


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For Speaking Topics SPEAKING TOPICS









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