Coronavirus: How to Stop Worrying

Coronavirus: How to Stop Worrying

by TULA TZORAS April 13, 2020

how to stop worrying


Are you pulling your hair out at home yet?
As we watch the daily fatality tally rise, as I said on You Tube Live my friends, expect the best and plan for the worst. There is no harm in being prepared, just as long as we are centred and focussed on how to make lemonade out of lemons.

Of course that is not the perspective all of us hold! For some of us, getting back to humanity and what is really important is a breath of fresh air from the rat race we so often complain about.

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Here is the link: Coronavirus Resources

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Empowering Tips

How to Stop Worrying!

Here we are in isolation, suddenly going stir crazy, missing all the distractions we love so much! Now we are riddled with anxiety about the uncertain future we face.

If you missed You Tube Live last week, on Anxiety Relief, the videos remain there, here is the link: You Tube Live

One of the tips I shared last week was about changing your thinking and limiting beliefs, something that does take some practice and knowledge. So this week, I am going to give you some tools to do just that!

We can all relate to what I call "the war with ourselves". it is that inner critic, that forms our emotions, results in anxiety, amplified by current events, that drives you insane!

Limiting beliefs flood our lives!

The good news

Beliefs can be changed if they are destructive! If you want to manifest something you desire, you may like to know that the vibration of your desire must match your beliefs. For example, you may desire a loving relationship, your belief however may be, that "no one will love me".
Worrying is an extension of the war we have with ourselves.

How to Stop Worrying!

There are many ways to release these limiting beliefs including inner child work, yoga and meditation, hypnosis and subliminal work. A combination works best.

The most empowering way of doing it, is by consciously changing our beliefs!

Tomorrow at 6pm AEST on You Tube Live, I will be sharing the steps to eliminate those beliefs, so that you can begin to be your Own Best Coach!
After all, you are the Creator of your Life, you Have the Power!

Wishing you amazing success,
Tula Tzoras



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