Are You a Sucker for Punishment?

Are You a Sucker for Punishment?

August 05, 2019

Happy Monday Goddesses!

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Happy Monday Goddesses! I hope this finds you well and happy on Monday, Goals Day! Why not make it Your Goal to Book Your Online Free Empower Session this week? 
In news, our Goddess Experience at Humming Puppy last Thursday was a beautiful way to connect and the BEST NEWS is that Humming Puppy Sydney have extended the $15 Discount on Every Casual Class for the Month of August Goddesses! Just remember to use the Discount Code GODDESSHUM when you book 
I usually watch Netflix and today I want to mention a Series called Extreme Engagement because it is a very interesting perspective on Anthropology, discovering tribes in remote areas of the world and it tests an Engaged couple over the period of one year. Have you watched it by chance? Love to hear your thoughts! 
Our Next Goddess Experience is coming up on September 1 in Sydney so save the date! This time we are gathering for a Picnic at Centennial Park! For more visit You can also Register on Facebook:

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Are You a Sucker for Punishment?

This week's Topic of Discussion on Facebook Live tomorrow at 6pm, join us! Until then... 
Do we punish ourselves? We may think not, seeing this image of extreme denial of self. We may think we are confident women, empowered at work, family or health. 
The level of healthy self-worth is directly linked to how Good we are to Ourselves, so today I have prepared a little Health Check for You! 
Are you Accident prone? 
Are you Addicted to Something? 
Do you have an Eating Disorder? 
Do you put yourself last? 
Are you in a Toxic Relationship? 
Do you Pay yourself Last? 
Do you love Junk Food? 
Do you look after your Body? 
* Does your Mind say No to Every idea you have? 
You get the idea! 
If you have answered Yes to any of these, you may indeed be Punishing Yourself and You Deserve the World Goddesses! Join us on Facebook Live for more Tomorrow!



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