January 06, 2020



I hope this finds you well and most importantly safe if you are in Australia today dear friend. I must say, during this time, I have considered just how much we take for Granted and how quickly things can change.

I think about locations with access to one Road, cut off, the loss of property and life, food and water supplies suddenly scarce, comms affected, the list is endless in our current crisis.

When you consider how much of our life is electronic, our banking for one, most of us operate with cards, what happens when ATMs are out and we suddenly don't have access to money for food for instance?

On that note, I am one of the designated drop off Points for the Central Coast Disaster Relief group, filling my little car with donations to deliver this Thursday. If you would like to donate anything, please contact me for a list of needed items.


1. There is so much to be thankful for and 2. Learning Survival Skills is a good idea!

We are constantly reminded of the Law of Opposites are we not? For Instance, amidst crisis today, a very Auspicious Occasion and of course you are Welcome!

Tonight at 6.30 pm we Celebrate a New Year, a new Decade and the Launch of the Areti Goddess Online Program, which has gone out to our Goddesses today! After all the blood, sweat, tears and Joy, I can't help but be happy. I will ask however for a Moment of Silence this evening Goddesses. I hope you can make it, I would love to see you!

Here is the link for our ladies in Sydney, Register here! I would love to see you if you are free! Our Next Event!
For everyone else, Here's how to Book and Learn more about my Legacy!
The Christmas Offer at the price of a single coaching session for the whole program is extended for our Launch! Areti Goddess Online Program

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