December 12, 2018

Dear Friends Hello! 
I hope you are Well and Super Happy! As holidays speed toward us, our speed increases too! We race to Christmas parties, race to do our Christmas shopping, race to get ready for trips, looking forward to a well deserved Break! We look forward to spending quality time with our loved ones, our children, parents, grandparents, family. The most important thing in life is family after all, isn't it?
What happens when we find ourselves alone during the holidays?
The holiday season can be a very depressing time for some of us. As life would have it, for one reason or another we are all alone. How can we ensure we have a wonderful holiday regardless?


If you know you will be alone during the holidays, why not take some time to make some plans? Christmas can be a great time to reflect on the year past, make goals and plan action for the next year. After all, every day gets better and better for us doesn't it? 

You can go on a trip! Travelling solo through Europe for 6 months, a decision I made spontaneously, I was never alone! It is amazing just how many great people one meets travelling! 

Connect with Friends! There are many orphan Christmas parties on. The holidays are a great time to spend quality time with our chosen family of friends. If you are completely alone, you can pick up a lot of holiday cheer at Shopping Centres. Just being there, the energy is enough to rub off on you.

Volunteer for your community! There is nothing more rewarding than giving to those less fortunate than us. This will give you a very warm and fuzzy feeling and you will have fun! 

If you have a tendency to feel lonely and sad, any action you take, big or small will lift your spirits. Be open to Inspiration, you can find the Magic if you seek it! 


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Wishing you a happy, loving and healthy Holiday Season!




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