8 Tips for Networking

8 Tips for Networking

April 29, 2019

Hello Friends!

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Happy Monday to You! A great day to make Goals for the Week! I would love to hear Yours! As I go in for minor surgery this week, yesterday was a Fun Day Out at Soul of Sydney, where my inner child comes out to play. This is a photo with friends.

Its been a busy time Coaching and I am so happy with the commitment my clients are putting into the work we do together, because your success is my success! I would also like to thank Naomi who invited me to Speak at Toastmasters this September, on everything about Public Speaking!

In other news, starting June1, there will be a Social Gathering to Bond, Network and Empower each other for our Goddesses every 1st of the Month, so if you'd like to join us ask me how.

Confidence Networking

8 Tips for Networking

When our Self-Worth is low, we tend to withdraw from social occasions, and/or feel uncomfortable with people. Hence, my biggest Tip for Networking is the 1st Tip today. 
1. Work with your Coach to boost your Confidence, eliminating Negative Beliefs and Patterns to empower you to enjoy great Relationships all around. 
2. Plan to attend events where you know at least one person who can introduce you to others. 
3. Practice your Pitch, so that when people ask what you do, you can be concise. 
4. Think about what would make a successful Networking event for you and strive for that. 
5. Create a couple of conversation openers. 
6. Listen actively and share stories of your own relating to what you hear, creating a connection. 
7. Allow people to ask what you do, rather than selling them and putting them off. 
8. Be aware of time and use a polite way of moving from one conversation to another to cover ground.



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